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    Mesonet API Services

    Returns a list of the available variables within the Mesonet APIs

    Request Format

    Returns a list of known variables (sensors) available within the Mesonet APIs. You can also explore currently acceptable variables here.

    Acquiring data from this web service requires certain parameters. When encoding URLs, all parameters are separated using the ampersand (&) character and their value is indicated by an equal sign (=). Below is a list of accepted parameters.

    Optional Parameters

    No optional arguments.

    Response Format Parameters

    Request Response

    JSON Format

    The variables service will return its results in a single organized and self describing JSON object. At a minimum, every request will return a JSON object with a "SUMMARY" field.

    An example JSON response would be:

      "VARIABLES": [
          "air_temp": {
            "long_name": "Temperature",
            "unit": "Celsius"
          "dew_point_temperature": {
            "long_name": "Dew Point",
            "unit": "Celsius"
        "SUMMARY": {
          "NUMBER_OF_OBJECTS": 123,
          "RESPONSE_CODE": 1,
          "RESPONSE_MESSAGE": "OK",
          "RESPONSE_TIME": "0.164985656738 ms"