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    Mesonet API Services

    Returns derived precipitation for a station or set of stations based on a time span

    Request Format

    A Precipitation request is an HTTP URL with the following form:

    Acquiring data from this web service requires certain parameters. When encoding URLs, all parameters are separated using the ampersand (&) character and their value is indicated by an equal sign (=). Below is a list of accepted parameters.

    All times are requested in UTC, but may be returned in either UTC or Local time format for each station. See the obtimezone parameter.

    Optional Parameters

    The following example requests precipitation from from stid=wbb for all of January 2017 in terms of day intervals.

    Response Format Parameters

    Request Response

    JSON Format

    The Precipitation service will return its results in a single organized and self describing JSON object. At a minimum, every request will return a JSON object with a "SUMMARY" field.

    An example JSON response would be:

      "UNITS": {
        "precipitation": "Millimeters"
      "STATION": [
          "STATUS": "ACTIVE",
          "MNET_ID": "153",
          "PERIOD_OF_RECORD": {
            "start": "1997-01-01T00:00:00Z",
            "end": "2018-01-10T12:00:00Z"
          "ELEVATION": "4806",
          "NAME": "U of U William Browning Building",
          "RESTRICTED": false,
          "STID": "WBB",
          "ELEV_DEM": "4738",
          "LONGITUDE": "-111.84755",
          "STATE": "UT",
          "LATITUDE": "40.76623",
          "TIMEZONE": "America/Denver",
          "ID": "1",
          "OBSERVATIONS": {
            "precipitation": [
                "count": 12,
                "first_report": "2017-01-31T23:00:00Z",
                "interval": 1,
                "report_type": "precip_accum_five_minute",
                "last_report": "2017-01-31T23:55:00Z",
                "total": 0
      "SUMMARY": {
        "DATA_QUERY_TIME": 169.8219776154,
        "RESPONSE_CODE": 1,
        "NUMBER_OF_OBJECTS": 1

    If pmode is omitted, the OBSERVATIONS block will be of this form:

        "ob_start_time_1": "2017-01-31T23:00:00Z",
        "total_precip_value_1": 0,
        "ob_end_time_1": "2017-01-31T23:55:00Z",
        "count_1": 12