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    Mesonet API Services

    Returns the most recent observation from a station or set of stations

    Latest service

    Request Format

    A Latest request is an HTTP URL with the following form:

    Acquiring data from this web service requires certain parameters. When encoding URLs, all parameters are separated using the ampersand (&) character and their value is indicated by an equal sign (=). Below is a list of accepted parameters.

    Optional Parameters

    Response Format Parameters

    Data Checks and Quality Control

    By default, the API does not return data that has been flagged as non-plausible by the Synoptic Range Check, e.g. a temperature value of 200C. It does provide a series of URL arguments that allow the retrieval of removed data as well as their flags.

    If the qc parameter is omitted then the API will return data while assuming the following QC parameters: qc=on, qc_remove_data=on, qc_flags=off and qc_checks=sl_range_check. Below is an explanation of parameters that control the application of data checks (QC) to the data.

    Some common examples of modifying the default QC parameters are:

    Request Response

    JSON Format

    The Latest service will return its results in a single organized and self describing JSON object. At a minimum, every request will return a JSON object with a "SUMMARY" field.

    An example JSON response would be:

      "UNITS": {
        "solar_radiation": "W/m**2"
      "QC_SUMMARY": {
        "QC_TESTS_APPLIED": ["sl_range_check"],
      "STATION": [{
        "STATUS": "ACTIVE",
        "MNET_ID": "153",
        "PERIOD_OF_RECORD": {
            "start": "1997-01-01T00:00:00Z",
            "end": "2017-08-21T05:33:00-0600"
        "ELEVATION": "4806",
        "NAME": "U of U William Browning Building",
        "QC_FLAGGED": false,
        "STID": "WBB",
        "ELEV_DEM": "4738",
        "LONGITUDE": "-111.84755",
        "STATE": "UT",
            "date_time": { "date_time": { } },
            "air_temp": {
                "air_temp_set_1": {
                    "position": ""
        "OBSERVATIONS": {
          "solar_radiation_value_1": {
            "date_time": "2017-08-21T05:33:00-0600",
            "value": 42
      "SUMMARY": {
        "RESPONSE_CODE": 1,
        "RESPONSE_TIME": "12.0379924774 ms",
        "NUMBER_OF_OBJECTS": 1,