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    Mesonet API Services

    Returns details about a quality control (data attribute) flag

    Request Format


    Returns a list of the available data checks provided by both SynopticLabs and our third party providers. For an in-depth & technical description of the SynopticLabs data checks, you can read here. This service also provides some information from third party vendors. You can also explore currently available data checks here.

    Acquiring data from this web service requires certain parameters. When encoding URLs, all parameters are separated using the ampersand (&) character and their value is indicated by an equal sign (=). Below is a list of accepted parameters.

    Optional Parameters

    The following example returns basic information about the SynopticLabs Range Check.

    Response Format Parameters

    Request Response

    JSON Format

    The QC Types service will return its results in a single organized and self describing JSON object. At a minimum, every request will return a JSON object with a "SUMMARY" field.

    An example JSON response would be:

      "QCTYPES": [
          "SOURCE_ID": "1",
          "SHORTNAME": "sl_range_check",
          "ID": "1",
          "NAME": "SynopticLabs Range Check"
      "SUMMARY": {
        "NUMBER_OF_OBJECTS": 1,
        "RESPONSE_CODE": 1,

    Provider IDs

    ID Provider
    1 SynopticLabs
    2 MADIS (NOAA)