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  • Pricing for Mesonet API Use

    Learn more about Synoptic’s service pricing

    From March 2019 onward, usage of Mesonet API resources may incur small charges to your account. The following simple charging model

    Price per Request Price per Service Unit
    $0.000005 $0.00000015

    Or 5 cents per thousand requests, and 15 cents per million Service Units.

    You could easily pay nothing

    Every month, every user can make 5000 requests and receive 5 million service units without charge. If the charges from your use is less than that amount, you can simply continue to use our data services as though nothing has changed.

    Service Fee

    If either your Requests or Service Units exceed the free tier levels, you will be charged a $5.00 monthly service fee, in addition to the rated charges for any usage above the free tier levels.

    How does this affect me?

    Cost Estimator

    Test what different kinds of API usage will cost

    Usage Reviewer

    If you are an existing API user, see how much your historical usage may have cost.

    Learn more about ways to reduce your costs