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  • Pricing for Mesonet API Use

    Beginning 1 July 2021, this pricing system has been retired. Existing accounts which are already enrolled in this usage-based payment plan may continue to do so at this time. New accounts and accounts which have never enrolled in this payment system will not be able to do so.

    Usage of Mesonet API resources may incur small charges to your account by following the below simple charging model. Learn more about Synoptic’s usage pricing options. Charges are incurred only if you provide a credit card, and features such as spending limits are available.

    Price per Request Price per Service Unit
    $0.00005 $0.00000015

    Or 5 cents per thousand requests and 15 cents per million Service Units.

    You could easily pay nothing

    Every month, each user can make 20,000 requests and receive 20 million service units without charge. If your requests and service units are both less than those amounts, you will not incur usage fees.

    Service Fee

    If either your Requests or Service Units exceed the free tier levels, you will be charged a $5.00 monthly service fee in addition to the rated charges for any usage above the free tier levels.

    Cost Estimator

    Test what different kinds of API usage will cost

    Control my Usage

    Learn more about ways to reduce your costs